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Brexit – Subsidiaries of EU Companies Need an Audit

The rules have changed – subsidiaries of ‘large’ European companies now need an audit Prior to the UK’s departure from the European Union, there was an exemption that allowed UK subsidiaries of EU companies not to perform an annual audit. However, post Brexit, with the UK now outside the EU, this exemption no longer exists. […]

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How do I close a UK business?

This briefing note is about how to close a UK business. It is an abbreviated extract from a book written by Simon Edrich “Doing Business in Great Britain” which is due to be published shortly.

How can I collect debts owed to my business?

A sharp letter from a solicitor will often be enough to encourage a stubborn debtor to pay. But if this doesn’t work then there are essentially three main choices that you have to recover debts. You can:


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